Food Handler Training Course

Kursus Latihan Pengendali MakananAre you facing any of the issues below as a food business operator?

“OMG!! My shop is being closed down by authority!”

“Haiyaaa… got compound because not attend course yet….”

Are you facing any of these issues when looking for FOOD HANDLER COURSE training provider?

    • What?? the closest class is next week? No faster one ah?? Shop got close down leh!
    • Course hour in schedule not matching my working hour laaa.…
    • Too far away laaa… how to go…???
    • WTF? Class got cancelled because not enough participant???
    • I arrive oledi, but kenot find parking – so tension leh!!!!

Contact us and your problem will be solved!

  • Ample parking space at our training center – parking problem solved!
  • IN-HOUSE classes– we go to your place!*subject to terms and condition
  • Weekly and monthly public classes in Alor Setar / Sungai Petani / Langkawi – no need to wait forever and ever!
  • Small classes in Jitra / Changloon / Baling / Sik / Kulim / Kuala Nerang

Call Or WhatsApp us 019-413 9922 or 019-4149922 

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