Food Handler Certificate 2022

2022 Online and Onsite Food Handler Training

Food Handler Training Certificate 2022. All food handlers working in Malaysia need to obtain Food Handler Training’s certificate of Attendance. Currently food handlers have option to choice either to attend onsite physical (face-to-face) sesion or online sesion of Food Handler Training.

Recognized by:
✅ Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH)
✅ Local authority – City Hall / City Council / Town Council

Other course information:

  • Fee for online and onsite course is the same, which is Fifty Ringgit Malaysia (RM50.00) only!
  • Valid for life – you only need to attend ONCE.
  • Language of delivery option: Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien
Online Course
  • Same day digital PDF certificate
  • Free delivery of original certificate

Attend training using ZOOM Meeting application

Participants can attend training using smartphone / tablet  laptop  or personal computer

The advantages of online session

  • NO traffic jam
  • NO need to pay tol
  • NO need to pay parking

Online course is safe and convenient !

Onsite Physical (Face-to-Face) Course

Food handlers who have limited internet access or not having suitable device to attend online session can opt for onsite physical (face-to-face) session.

Terms and condition for onsite physical (face-to-face) course:

  • Permitted for individuals who are fully vaccinated
  • Participants need to show vaccination certificate
  • Subjected to training space capacity and social distancing measures
  • All participants are required to wear face mask.
  • Only participants without any Covid-19 symptoms will be admitted to training sessions

You don’t have to worry – all our instructors and facilitators are fully vaccinated

2022 – Kita jaga kita!

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Online Food Handler Training
Public Onsite Physical (Face-to-Face) Food Handler Training
baru nak mula bisnes makanan

Baru nak mulakan bisnes makanan?

Baru mula bisnes makanan? Tahukah anda apa dokumen-dokumen yang WAJIB ada di premis makanan?

Sebagai seorang tuan punya, pemunya atau penghuni premis makanan, ada menjadi tanggungjawab anda untuk memastikan kehendak-kehendak dalam Peraturan-Peraturan Kebersihan Makanan 2009 dipenuhi.

Berikut merupakan 3 dokumen yang WAJIB ada di semua premis makanan di Malaysia berdasarkan kepada Peraturan-Peraturan Kebersihan Makanan 2009:

1. Sijil Latihan Pengendali Makanan

Semua pengendali makanan yang bekerja di premis makanan perlu menghadiri kursus Latihan Pengendali Makanan di mana-mana Sekolah Latihan Pengendali Makanan yang diiktiraf oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Sijil kehadiran kursus akan diberi kepada peserta yang berjaya mengikuti keseluruhan kursus selama 3 jam.

2. Kad suntikan vaksin anti-tifoid

Semua pengendali makanan yang bekerja di premis makanan perlu mendapatkan suntukan vaksin anti-tifoid daripada mana-mana pengamal perubatan yang berdaftar. Kad suntikan vaksin akan dikeluarkan kepada pengendali makanan yang telah mendapatkan pelalian.

3. Perakuan Pendaftaran Premis Makanan

Semua premis makanan yang beroperasi di Malaysia perlu didaftarkan dengan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Perakuan Pendaftaran Premis Makanan yang dimaksudkan adalah dokumen yang dicetak dari laman sesawang Food Safety Information System of Malaysia (FOSIM) selepas sesebuah premis makanan berjaya didaftarkan.

Adakah semua dokumen yang tersenarai di atas sudah lengkap dan tersedia untuk pemeriksaan oleh pihak berwajib? Jika ya, TAHNIAH! Anda dikira sudah bersedia untuk menghadapi lawatan pemeriksaan oleh penguatkuasa kesihatan atau pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT).

Walaubagaimanapun, sekiranya anda masih lagi tertanya-tanya, atau ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut apakah sebenarnya dokumen-dokumen yang disebutkan tadi,  JANGAN RISAU! Kami boleh bantu anda. Sila klik  pautan di sebelah [>>> HUBUNGI KAMI <<<] untuk berhubung dengan kami melalui WhatsApp  bagi mendapatkan nasihat tentang langkah seterusnya yang boleh anda ambil!

Untuk mereka yang baru mula bisnes makanan, pastikanlah dokumen-dokumen yang disenaraikan di atas sudah tersedia di premis makanan anda bagi menggelakkan anda diambil tindakan oleh pihak berwajib!

Online Food Handlers Training During Movement Control Order (MCO) Period

MCO Food Handler Training. Win Synergy Training Sdn. Bhd. has obtained permission from the Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQD), Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to conduct the Online Food Handler Training course during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

The fee and duration of the online course are still the same as the face-to-face session, which is RM50.00 per participant for a period of 3 hours. The 3 -hour course duration does not include system setup and break time. However, the number of participants per class is limited to only 10 people for online sessions compared to 30 people per session for face-to-face classes.

Participants can attend online courses using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Course notes and reference materials will be distributed electronically to all participants. For this online course, participants will also have to answer quiz questions after completing each learning topic. This is a new requirement stipulated by FSQD apart from the usual pre-training and post-training tests. Apart from that, the Food Handler Training School (FHTS) which organizes the online course must record the entire training session and send the training recording to the State Health Department (JKN) for review no later than three (3) days after the course is conducted.

So don’t wait anymore … register to join the MCO Food Handler Training and get your Food Handler Training Certificate now!

Kursus Pengendali Makanan PKP

Food Handler Training Course

Kursus Latihan Pengendali MakananAre you facing any of the issues below as a food business operator?

“OMG!! My shop is being closed down by authority!”

“Haiyaaa… got compound because not attend course yet….”

Are you facing any of these issues when looking for FOOD HANDLER COURSE training provider?

    • What?? the closest class is next week? No faster one ah?? Shop got close down leh!
    • Course hour in schedule not matching my working hour laaa.…
    • Too far away laaa… how to go…???
    • WTF? Class got cancelled because not enough participant???
    • I arrive oledi, but kenot find parking – so tension leh!!!!

Contact us and your problem will be solved!

  • Ample parking space at our training center – parking problem solved!
  • IN-HOUSE classes– we go to your place!*subject to terms and condition
  • Weekly and monthly public classes in Alor Setar / Sungai Petani / Langkawi – no need to wait forever and ever!
  • Small classes in Jitra / Changloon / Baling / Sik / Kulim / Kuala Nerang

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