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30TH SEPTEMBER 2021 (THURSDAY) 9:00AM - 12:00PM

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31ST OCTOBER 2021 (SUNDAY) 9:00AM - 12:00PM

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21ST MARCH 2022 (MONDAY) 9:30AM - 12:30PM

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Online Food Handler Training. This is mandatory training for all food handlers working in Malaysia. According to Reg. 30(1) of Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 (FHRs 2009), all food handlers shall undergo a food handler training in, and obtain a Certificate of Food Handler’s Training from a specified institution.  Any food handler who works in any food premises who fails to undergo the training or obtain the above-mentioned certificate commits an offense and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding RM10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.

All food handlers can attend the online food handler training using smartphone, tablet laptop or desktop computer from any locations that has stable internet connection.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Registration closing time is at 8.00 pm on the day before training starts or when the class is full.
  2. Kindly ensure the email and mobile phone number provided is correct and contactable so that we are able to provide you with training information and link.
  3. Please register for the course through our website. However, companies or group representatives may contact us directly for group registration of 5 persons and above.
  4. Course fee is RM50.00 per person. Companies or group representatives can make payments for group registration in a single transaction.
  5. Each participant shall log-in to learning platform via separate learning devices. Participants shall not share devices during class. That means 1 participant, 1 device.
  6. Participants must complete the entire course in order to obtain Certificate of Attendance.
  7. Participants will receive a PDF copy of the certificate on the same day after the completion of the course.
  8. The original certificate will be sent to the participant via courier service on the next working day. Courier service operation day are from Monday to Friday.
  9. Participant‘s camera display is COMPULSORY. Participant must remain in front of the camera throughout the entire session, except during quizzes/tests or breaks.
  10. Participants can be disqualified from receiving a Certificate of Attendance under these conditions: no camera display, not present in front of the camera during class, exiting the online session without replacing the lost hour or caught doing other activities during the training session.
  11. The training organizer shall RECORD the entire online course session as this is one of the course requirements stipulated by Ministry of Health Malaysia. Officer from State Health Department may be joining at any time during the online training session for monitoring purposes.

Online Class Etiquette

(12 Key Points)

1. Use a device that has a camera, mic, speaker dan internet connection (e.g.: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) – MANDATORY
2. The camera is always ON & participant’s face is visible during class – MANDATORY
3. Use own device and not sharing devices among participants – 1 participant, 1 device – MANDATORY
4.  Sit in front of the camera ( not lying down or walking around, etc…) – MANDATORY
5. Focus 100% and NOT ENGAGE IN ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES e.g.: working, riding on a vehicle, cooking, fishing, walking around, etc during class – MANDATORY
6. Get a helper or an assistant if not familiar with gadget or ZOOM
7. Fully charge the device (don’t get logged out if your device run out of charge)
8. Top-up internet credit before class, if using a pre-paid plan (don’t get logged out if you run out of credit)
9. Download and install ZOOM EARLY (not last minute )
10. Plan your journey to ensure you arrive early at the venue you are joining (don’t make last-minute moves – road safety comes first)
11. Find a place that is quiet and with no distraction
12. Sit apart if you are joining from the same venue with your team.

Get Ready

  • Powerbank & Charger for those using smartphone & tablet – don’t get logged out if you ran out of charge
  • Earphone – can reduce external interference and is very useful during heavy rain while you are in class.
  • Pen & notebook for taking notes
  • Reading glasses (if required or applicable)
  • Drinking water, coffee, tea or snacks (optional)